Registration of Nigerians In Brasil

The Consulate General of Nigeria, São Paulo, has concluded plans to register/count its compatriots, their Associations, and Businesses, in the  States that it has jurisdiction. The Consulate would therefore appreciate it very much, if you could cooperate with it in this important endeavor that will surely move Nigeria and her nationals forward, by filling and returning to it, the forms to be attached later. The Consulate aims to achieve, among others, the following objectives from this exercise:-

  • Establish and effectively monitor the number and spread of Nigerians, to enable it to come to their aid, in the event of natural or man-made emergencies, as well as to ensure their minimum welfare;
  • Issue Nigerian (Citizenship) identification card, which could, in the near future, become “Nigeria Identity Card Abroad (NICA)”;
  • Unite Nigerians, Nigerian Associations, and Nigerian Businesses, to enhance their unity and cooperation, rather than competition, in their pursuit and dreams;
  • Establish the number, size/strength and spread of Nigerian Associations and Businesses;
  • Support and channel contribution of Nigerian Associations and Businesses in the on-going developmental efforts in Nigeria; and
  • To convince the Nigerian Government to consider approving absentee voting, using São Paulo as one of the pilot centres.

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